Support the Blade and give the gift of journalism

by David Forbes December 15, 2017

The Blade depends on reader support. This year, we’ve got gift subscriptions, awesome stuff from lovely local places and more as our way of saying thanks to our readers

Welcome back, readers. It’s been a whirlwind of a year for our city and for the Blade. We saw the highest turnout in a local election ever and more people becoming involved in fighting for our city’s future. We scrutinized the claims of the powerful, produced in-depth journalism, informed the public with no-nonsense campaign guides, analyzed events and published sharp perspectives on what’s been a year for the record books.

And every word, every article was funded by our readers.

That’s right, every one. The Blade has no advertisers, we have no corporate backers. We rely entirely on reader support and donations for every piece we publish, every event we cover, for the payment of every talented writer, artist and photographer we’re fortunate to work with.

So we’re asking for your support as we head into the holidays and 2018. And we have some lovely things for y’all as well. If you participate in our winter fund drive, you can win one of the following:

1) A $30 gift card for Firestorm Books and Coffee. This amazing social justice space is a key part of the community and provides tasty treats and a great book selection (plenty a volume in the Blade’s library comes from Firestorm).

2) A $50 bar tab at the Crow and Quill, home to the finest cocktails in town and a lovely array of things to drink.

3) Two $50 gift certificates from Bouchon, home of fine French comfort food and dining. That’s right, two lucky Blade readers can win this prize.

If you want to get one of these, we have a few options. Just during this fund drive, we’re offering the opportunity to purchase gift subscriptions for someone for just $10 for the whole year.

Just donate here, and specify who you’d like the gift subscription to go to. For each $10 you donate, we’ll give a year-long subscription to someone of your choice. Also, for each $10 you donate we’ll also enter you to win one of the prizes above (so yes, you can get multiple chances for purchasing multiple gift subscriptions).

We’ll welcome the lucky recipient of a gift subscription and they’ll get all the rewards our subscribers receive. This is a great gift for news-conscious friends or family or a community member in need.

You can also sign up here as a monthly subscriber and we’ll enter you to win one of these prizes. If you’re already a subscriber and you raise your subscription — by any amount — you’ll also get a chance to win. If you double it (from $3 to $6, for example), we’ll give you two chances to win.

You can also shoot us an email if you’d like to make a donation another way.

We’ll hold the drawing at 7 p.m., Dec. 23.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish each and every one of you a wonderful holidays and a brave new year. We thank you for your support and everything you make possible.


David Forbes